What Next?

Your Councillors are keen to know your views on the proposal to form one new Council. This consultation phase is running until midnight on Sunday 8 October 2017 during which time we will be undertaking a random telephone consultation and running an online survey on www.onecouncil.org.uk. Our Councillors will also be attending a number of local events so that you can ask any questions you may have regarding the proposal.

Once the consultation period has closed in October 2017, the results will be considered by our Councillors and they will decide whether or not to submit a proposal to the Secretary of State for Local Government in November.

If they decide to proceed, the proposal would be submitted (along with the results of the consultation) to the Secretary of State in early November 2017.

The Secretary of State would have the ultimate power to decide if the new Council is to be formed and over what period Council Tax should be equalised. If the proposal is approved, a review of the number of Councillors would be commenced by the Boundary Commission to determine the exact number of Councillors for the new Council.

The earliest the new Council would be formed is April 2020 with elections to the new Council in May 2020.